Above IT has been responsible for the design and maintenance of its automation since the creation of Lensdeal. Odoo is designed to manage all business processes and its administration, from processing incoming and outgoing shipments to managing inventory and financial administration.

Odoo was then, by means of an interface developed by Above IT to Prestashop, set up as the source of the data for the Lensdeal webshop. Moreover, Odoo also functions as the operational back-office of the webshop at the same time. This makes all information about the products, stock, purchasing and sales, shipments and financial administration accessible in one system.

Below is a selection of the processes for which Odoo is used at Lensdeal:

  • Financial administration/accounting
  • Personnel administration (HR)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Purchasing/Inventory Management
  • Sales/Invoicing
  • Shipments/Returns
  • Reporting
  • eCommerce (using an interface to Prestashop, developed by Above IT)


Interfaces to various carriers for, among other things, shipping, labelling and tracking.

Because contact lenses are a complex product to sell, due to the many variants that are available, both Odoo and Prestashop have been adapted to manage these variants efficiently.